Moving Home

Weekly blog posts she said, I’ll stick to that she said…. Well, I do have a good excuse. The last two weeks or so have been occupied with finishing up at Sheffield Live where I’ve been volunteering (already miss those lovely people) and moving out of our Sheffield house and going back home to Devon, dogs and something else with beginning with ‘d’ to make that alliteration. Though nothing rude please, I’m watching you. Yeah, YOU. The one with the guilty face. Coming back home has been a mixture of emotions. As soon as packing up started I wanted it finished and us moved out as soon as possible. Good thing I was all packed on Tuesday and we were going home on Saturday… Moving back was causing me some concerns, particularly as it was this time last year when I came back from uni that my anxiety started flaring up again. In comparison, I’m already in a better place then I was. While still job hunting and lacking in security in that aspect, I have a clearer idea of what I’m going to do in the future and how to get there. I’ve also managed to put weight back on and in general look healthier. Definitely an improvement from last year! I also have plenty of things to look forward to, two of my friends I met in Japan are coming to visit me in August, I’ll go up to Edinburgh again to see my lovely Tom and then I’ll spend a week in Suffolk with his lovely family. How lovely! Fingers crossed for me!


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